Starting something new…

Hi there.

I’ve missed you.

I know it’s been a while since I was here.  I know.  I have no good reasons for the absence.  Saying I’ve been busy seems dumb since we are all busy.  But I guess I have been busy.  Really, I have just had nothing to say and I decided to re-examine why I chose to start this blog in the first place.  The reason (to bake and share recipes) is no longer there.  Sure, I love to bake still, but I don’t like to think of this as a food blog anymore.  I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out a direction that the blog should take.  Healthy living?  Running?  None of those really fit.  I sure know I’m not a writer, so waxing poetic isn’t going to happen.  Who really wants to hear me go on and on? 

Then I realized that at its core, blogging should be fun.  I love the connections I have made with people because of this blog and I love reading other blogs and getting a look at their lives.  Then it clicked.  I wanted to scrapbook blog…and yes, I think I just made that up.  But follow me for a second.  I like having a place where I can document the big and little things that make up my life.  I want my blog to be a place where I can share my life with all of you, but also be a place where I can look back on those big events in my life.  If I run a race, I want to tell you about it.  If I try an awesome new recipe, I want to share it with you.  If I go on vacation, I want to share the pictures.  If I’m having a bad day and need a place to vent, I will do that here.  Like I’ve said before, Sweets By Sarah is more than just baking.  I want it to be a place where all the sweet things in my life are shared.  And if I’m honest with myself, there is a whole lot of sweet in my life. 

So there you have it.  In an effort to remotivate me towards this, I have enlisted the help of a blog designer (new look to come soon!) and have also switched over to self-hosting (which I haven’t really figured out and is still in transition).  So stay tuned to see the new changes.   I’m excited to make this next step and hope you will join me for the ride!



  1. Exciting!! “Scrapbook blog” – I love it! 🙂

    • You’re too sweet…thank you! I’m pretty excited for the change. I’ve not been overly inspired on the blog front recently, so this will be fun!

  2. So glad you are back. Love the idea of a scrapbook blog, great way to document your life!

  3. So glad to see a new post from you. I do love your ‘scrapbook’ blog idea and it’s one I can relate to. It’s no fun to be pigeonholed into one certain niche. Can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks! It’s hard to find a place and I’ll never be a blogger that pre-writes content (that is what news sites are for, in my opinion), so writing about my life as I live it seems the best fit. Hope things are going well in Hawaii…can’t wait to see some pictures!

  4. Soooo glad you’re back!!!!!!!!


  1. […] it was bad and have made half-hearted attempts to get back on track, but nothing has clicked.  Sort of like blogging, I haven’t been overly motivated.  As a result, I have been lacking in energy.  I struggle […]

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