What the what?

I think I might be able to predict the future now...

I think I might be able to predict the future now…

On Thanksgiving eve, my sister and I went to see “The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn – Part 2.”     We were both pretty excited about seeing the movie, but about an hour into it, I turned to my sister and told her I thought the film (and yes, I use that term rather loosely) was moving really slow.  About 20 minutes later, slow was the last thing on my mind and my sister and I, along with the rest of the audience, were gasping and making shocked proclamations.  At one point, I was particularly surprised by something and looked at my sister and said “What the what?”  She proceeded to laugh and that has now become my go-to phrase for shock.  I needed a more PG phrase in my life anyway…

That back story is relevant because “What the what?” came out of my mouth this morning.  Unfortunately, it was about me.  Yesterday, I posted the above on Twitter.  If I am honest with myself, I haven’t been taking very good care of myself the past 2-3 months.  I have SERIOUSLY fallen off the working out bandwagon.  I have been socially enjoying many more cocktails and beer than I have ever before.  I haven’t been drinking enough water.  I have found myself going 2-3 days and realizing I haven’t had a real vegetable in that entire time.  It’s been bad.  I’ve known it was bad and have made half-hearted attempts to get back on track, but nothing has clicked.  Sort of like blogging, I haven’t been overly motivated.  As a result, I have been lacking in energy.  I struggle to get out of bed in the morning and peeling myself off the couch when I get home from work is practically impossible.

For some reason, this morning I decided to weigh myself.  I haven’t weighed myself in a while and decided it was finally time.  I’ve actually thought about it a few times in the past month but have talked myself out of it.  I stepped on the scale this morning and immediately said “What the what?”  I stared at a number I have NEVER seen before (and really don’t want to see again…unless I am growing new life within me).  It was a sobering moment where I realized that (1) my metabolism is finally slowing down and (2) I need to stop ignoring myself.  The number was anything crazy (it isn’t like I’m obese, I’m still well within the normal range…all my clothes still fit, if that puts it in perspective), but it was about 9 pounds heavier than my comfortable weight and 14 pounds over my happy weight. 

Seeing that number on the scale this morning was all the motivation I needed.  I knew I needed to get back on track.  On my drive into work (thanks DC traffic for providing me a few extra minutes to think) I decided that now is as good of time as any to start.  So it begins today.  I tossed around the idea of something like a “December Detox” or something else, but decided against it because I needed more than a month.  I need to retrain my body to get back to where I have been and know I can be again.  So I will start scheduling my workouts and sticking to them (shoot for at least 5 a week).  I will stop indulging every day.  Instead, I will allow myself a day a week as my “indulge” day.  The other days I will focus my intake on lean proteins, fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  And finally, I am going to cut  back on the alcohol.  I have never been a big drinker, but have been enjoying a cocktail (or two or three) more and more lately.  A drink on my “indulge” day isn’t bad.  Three drinks at brunch…maybe a bit much.

Knowing myself and my body, I know that these small changes will quickly do what I want them to do.  My body will respond and hopefully I will enter 2013 a bit healthier and closer to my comfortable and/or happy weight.  While I’m not a huge proponent of weight defining you, I do think it is an excellent gauge of where you are at any given time. 

What are your “tricks” when you find the scale a little heavier than you would like?  Have you gone through a phase like this before as well?  I’d love to hear any of your thoughts.  I’m driven and motivated to make this change now.  Guess I just needed a swift kick in the butt to get me started.



  1. and just in time for all those holiday goodies everyone bakes and shares! Isn’t that the worst? It’s funny how easy it is to slip into unhealthy habits. It must be because unhealthy habits are fun! Sleeping in on a cold morning is way better than trekking to the gym. I’m not being very helpful, am I? Anyhow, I know it’s a bummer to see an unwelcome number on the scale, but I suppose sometimes it’s the push we need. I guess it doesn’t hurt that in the end, you’ll feel better, physically and mentally. I, for one, am having a fun time going to Starbucks every day and eating too much fro yo and halloween candy. I think it’s time to reel myself in, as well.

  2. deploymentdiva says:

    I’m totally in the same boat. Even though I’ve been saying (in my head) that I need to do something, I haven’t. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in my day! I’ve never been good at sticking to a workout schedule – at least, not without friends to push me and/or to work out with. But, yesterday, I did make an effort to drink only water. I also stopped by the grocery store yesterday after work and bought salad fixings … I need me some veggies! Biggest tip is to NOT buy the junk food – I find if it’s there, I’m gonna eat it, no matter how much I tell myself not to.

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