Random Thursday (Whiny Edition)

Yes, I'm posting today...I'm as surprised as you.

Yes, I’m posting today…I’m as surprised as you.


How are you?

Doing well?

I’m good, thanks for asking!  My life has been a bit of blur recently.  Do you have weeks in your life where you feel almost bipolar (not making light of a mental illness, just the best way to describe the way I have been feeling)? 

Pretty much my life...which is seven shades of awesome.

Pretty much my life…which is seven shades of awesome.

I’m having a bit of an identity crisis, as of late.  That’s normal for a 34-year-old, right?  I can’t decide on a direction.  Sure, I have a job and I’m in that and that is fine.  That really isn’t the direction I am talking about.  If anything, that is set and even though it makes me crazy sometimes, I know that my career is a constant.

Just because I'm content with my career doesn't mean I'm always happy.

Just because I’m content with my career doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days.

My lack of direction is every other aspect.  I need to work out more.  But I’m tired.  I have so many ideas of what I want/need to do to my apartment (damn you Pinterest!).  But I’m tired.  I want to bake.  But I’m tired.  I want to have a life.  But I’m tired.

Are you sensing a theme here?

Are you sensing a theme here?

So yeah, I’m tired.  And seriously lacking motivation.  And that makes for an agitated Sarah.

Want to know?  You don't?  Oh well, I'm gonna tell you anyway.

Want to know? You don’t? Oh well, I’m gonna tell you anyway.

My lack of direction has caused me to be rather moody.  I know those close to me are super psyched about this.  I’m a peach to be around at times.  My already stubborn personality gets a bit stronger.  And I kind of get annoyed when I don’t get my way.  (Yes, I’m 5.)

Yup.  Totally dig being ignored too.  Fantasic.

Yup. Totally dig being ignored too. Fantastic.


There are times when I want to run away and hide somewhere that doesn’t have cell phone coverage.  Seriously, this has sort of become my dream vacation.  I could be in a hole with snakes, but as long as Sprint isn’t there I’ll be happy as a lark.  For reals.

In my dreams...

In my dreams…

But when my frustration levels reach astronomical levels, I stop and take a breath.  It could be worse.  I’ll get time for myself at some point (don’t know how parents do it…I have myself to schedule around and take care of.  Insert another human being into the mix that I’m kind of responsible for and I might lose my mind.).  

Waiting for the day more of my days feel like this.

Waiting for the day more of my days feel like this.

 So that is sort of what is going on.  No grand proclamations on how I’m going to change things.  Nothing but me bitching a bit.  And if I’m able to wave my sarcasm flag, all the better.  I communicate best in sarcasm but have yet to feel like I have mastered sarcasm through the written word.  When it doubt when reading here, assume sarcasm first.  You won’t be wrong 99% of the time.

I am off now to read nonsense that people feel is correct (laughable), try not to harm people who ask me stupid questions (yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question), and dream about sleep.  I miss that stuff.

Once Chuck gives me a thumbs up on life, I'll be set.

Once Chuck gives me a thumbs up on life, I’ll be set.

 **Please excuse the massive amounts of gif’s in this post…I kind of love them and plan on using them more often because they are awesome and I’m lazy and they explain things so I don’t have to.  Word. **



  1. Whine away, Sarah. It’s good to let it out. I’m having my own sort of identity crisis….must be a mid-30s thing? I’ll gladly wave the sarcasm flag with you; sarcasm is how I cope with the mundane life I lead.

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