Lesser of two evils…

In my mind, we are playing today.

In my mind, we are playing today.

There is apparently a football game on today.  I’m less than excited about it because my team isn’t playing.  I think that might be a mistake on the part of the NFL, but since I haven’t completed my letter to them lodging my complaints on the officiating of this past season, I can’t really go into it that much.  All I know is that it wasn’t a good call on the part of the NFL to not let my Steelers play.



Even though my Steelers were slighted, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch the game.  I am.  I’m torn between who to cheer for though.  As a Steelers fan, it is in my DNA to hate the Ravens.  However, if the 49s win, they will tie my Steelers for the most Superbowl wins at 6.  It really is a lose, lose.  But, I guess we can always just get our seventh next season.

If you can't beat them, just make them fat.

If you can’t beat them, just make them fat.

I always volunteer to bring desserts when I am going somewhere.  For the watching of the Superbowl tonight, I obviously volunteered to bring cookies.  It was a bit of a selfish option because I really wanted to try these cookies out.  The cream cheese in the dough really takes these cookies over the top and they are delightfully chewy.  Probably my new go-to recipe for soft sugar cookies.  And since there will be kids at the Superbowl party I’m going to, the M&M’s will be a hit.

Here's to the losers.  Both teams.

Here’s to the losers. Both teams.

Maybe I’m a poor loser, but I can’t get behind either of these teams tonight.  But I can get behind the commercial watching.  And I can get behind these cookies.  So try them out.  At least something will be good about the Superbowl if you bring these to your party.

Go Steelers!  🙂




  1. I love that gif of Mike Tomlin. He is adorable. I’m sorry your team isn’t in the Super Bowl, but cookies will definitely make the day a whole lot better.

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