A Hearty Craft


This past weekend I felt an overwhelming urge to do a craft.  It needed to be something that was quick to complete and it wouldn’t hurt if it was a Pinterest idea (I have so many that I will never get to…).  I saw this on Pinterest a few weeks ago and thought it was an adorable decoration for Valentine’s Day.  While I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fan, I can’t pass up a cute and easy craft, so off to Michael’s I went for my supplies.  I purchased a 12 inch styrofoam wreath, a skein of dark gray yarn, two sheets of red and two sheets of pink felt, and some super glue.


I started the craft by wrapping the styrofoam wreath with the yarn.  This was by far the most tedious part of the craft, but after a while, it was somewhat soothing.  I did it while watching TV and it was pretty simple, just a bit time-consuming.  I secured the ends with a combination of wrapping and some super glue.


Once the wreath was completely wrapped with yarn, I was really pleased with the results!  It was a great base for a wreath, but I had an argyle inspired plan for this wreath.  I played around with the heart sizes to make sure they fit the wreath perfectly and then cut 6 pink and 6 red hearts out of the felt.


Once the hearts were cut out, I placed them on the wrapped wreath to determine the proper spacing.  I had originally cut out one extra red and one extra pink heart but ended up not needing them.  You could use as many or as few as you would like, depending on your taste.


After the hearts were spaced, I did something I would consider an extra step…not necessary, but nice to do.  I took a bit of super glue on the back of each heart and secured them to the wreath.  This small amount of glue just  loosely holds the hearts in place for the next and final step.


I finished off the wreath by wrapping gray yarn around the wreath, crossing the hearts in one direction.  I tied off that string and then followed it up with one going in the other direction, making an “X” over each heart.  They weren’t perfect, but I loved how they turned out.

Finally, I put a small piece of yarn on the back to hold the wreath on my door.  This was a quick (about two hours) craft that adds a small amount of Valentine’s Day cheer to my front door.

What crafts have you been up to lately?