Race Recap: Alexandria Running Festival Half Marathon

My third half marathon for the month of May.  Geez, I’m tired!  This morning, I ran the Alexandria Running Festival Half Marathon.  It was a last minute decision to run and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have signed up for this race if the start hadn’t been about two blocks from my house.  It was just way too convenient to roll out of my apartment 10 minutes prior to the race start time.  But if I thought last week’s half was a challenge, I didn’t realize how bad this week’s was going to be.

The course was nice and flat.  There were a ton of aid stations along the course.  It was a tad boring, but nothing too bad.  There was a good turnout of runner too, which was fun.  Even though I wasn’t as tired as last week, my heart wasn’t it in at all.  By the first aid station, I decided to walk.  I probably walked about half of this race.  It was hot out and my energy wasn’t there.  I enjoyed listening to my music on my iPod and didn’t stress myself out.  I have had a lot on my mind recently and I just took the alone time to think through some things.

I ended up finishing even slower than last week at 2:28:56 for an average pace of 11:21 min/mile.  I don’t have another half marathon on my calendar until September…which is probably a good thing because I am spent.  I’m glad I did this race and it was SO convenient.  I like being part of local races like this.

I was a sweaty mess at the end of the run and was glad that the pool at my apartment was finally open for the summer.  It made the best post-run activity.  And even though I posted this sweaty photo of mine on Twitter already, I thought I would torture Alison one more time.  Ha ha!